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fm Futures website

More or less….

Sometimes it’s hard to understand or witness the practical consequences of regulations. When the IMO ruled on the quality of fuel, and the quantity of air polluants (SOx) emitted by ships, few years back, it could look a bit obscure…But now the experts made some calculations, and IMO is proud to announce that:

– Average Sulphur content in distillates fuel decreased from 0.15 % to 0.14%. OK, it’s not a lot, but distillate fuel is already “clean” enough !
– Average Sulphur content in residual fuel decreased from 2.6 % in 2009 to 2.5 % in 2012. 0.10% in 4 years, not bad. BUT, in 2020, ships will be required to use fuel with less than 0.5% of sulphur…At this pace, it would mean that another 20 years is needed to reach this low percentage !

Let’s hope it will decrease much faster from now on, otherwise the rule will be proven inappopriate and will be changed for a lower percentage.


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