Anything you need to know about existing and upcoming regulations

  • Project support

Assisting you to understand better the legal aspects for your technical projects.

You can ask mostly any question!

Briefing on the latest amendments to SOLAS; Questions on the GHG reduction strategy; How to impact the IMO regulatory process as an industry member;  Next amendment cycle for STCW Convention…

NauticaLex provides consultancy and advisory services for any question related to maritime regulations and shipping energy transition.

  • Regulatory watch

NauticaLex can produce regular newsletters and updates on any topic covered by maritime regulations (includes shipping energy transition!). Stay up-to-date and abreast of regulatory development.


Trouver son chemin dans le monde de la réglementation maritime

  • Assistance pour la réalisation de vos projets
  • Veille reglementaire

NauticaLex élabore des produits d’information ou de conseils, relatifs à la réglementation maritime et son évolution.

Pour vos besoins ponctuels, ou sous forme de veille réglementaire régulière.

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