NauticaLex, consultancy services for the maritime industry

NauticaLex offers consultancy services in the following fields :

Maritime regulations

  • Trainings tailored to suit your needs,
  • drafting of reference documents or analysis on matters related to international shipping regulations,
  • regulatory watch and advice on regulations interpretation.

Technical maritime English

  • Technical English, IMO SMCP-based, or any other training related to English.
  • Translation of technical documents English-to-French/French-to-English.

Our Aims

With solid background information, clear wording and practical facts, maritime regulations can be made simple and interesting. We strongly believe that the subject must be approached with a practical mind, in order to generate genuine interest and facilitate implementation and compliance.

**2021** On-going projects

Technical Translator and Training consultant for the International Maritime Organization, London

Technical writer for:

Course Developer and Director for the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, London.

(Certificate in Alternative Fuels: https://informaconnect.com/certificate-in-alternative-fuels/trainers/marie-caillerie/)

Legal assistant for private companies